Trading Solutions for Brokers begins to create a social trading platform

February started with big news for the entire financial community: recently opened Trading Solutions for Brokers began to develop its own social trading platform. TSB founders Caleb Baker and Pascal Moore, long considered prominent figures of the financial market, will soon present to the world their technologically revolutionary and one-of-a-kind social network for traders. They have named their new creation COPYDEAL.

The team of twelve developers have set a difficult task before themselves: to solve the main problems of modern trading. First and foremost, it is necessary to make the trading process easier for beginner traders who have no specialized know-how on working with trading instruments. Statistically, 90% of beginners have serious difficulties at the outset, which often leads to a loss of invested capital. Another factor that plays a pivotal role in trading is the technical cooperation between professional participants and amateurs. Thanks to the high-speed and high-precision algorithm that copies trades, everyone who sends signals can increase their profits through the number of traders connected to the signal provider’s trading account. The subscribers will, in turn, get a unique opportunity not only to choose the most profitable strategies, but also gain valuable experience in working with various assets. Accordingly, trading signals will help both categories of traders significantly increase their profits.

“COPYDEAL is truly an evolutionary leap in the history of trading. Our social platform has incorporated only the best. Millions of traders around the world will no longer suffer losses due to their own mistakes. We sincerely hope that our project can help achieve the single dream with which each of us entered the world of trading,” noted Pascal Moore, CTO and CEO of Trading Solutions for Brokers, in his interview.