Trading Solutions for Brokers announces partnerships with leading international brokers

According to the latest reports, Trading Solutions for Brokers, a rapidly growing financial software company, has signed contracts with several major multi-asset brokerage firms in Europe and Asia.

The TSB press service stated that the key to a successful business lies not only in strengthening existing business relationships, but also expanding the list of counterparties. As part of the signed contract, clients will have direct access to the social network COPYDEAL. It is worth noting that in the last few months, the innovative product has become increasingly popular among users of different skill levels, from investors without any experience to professional financial market participants. As a reminder, COPYDEAL is a modern, multifunctional social trading platform that allows traders to work successfully with all categories of assets with minimal risks. This is possible thanks important components like absolute transparency of account statistics and the fact that software users can communicate with each other and discuss specific trades.

In addition to the main advantages, the fact that the trade copying service is compatible with MetaTrader 5 — considered the most reliable and secure trading terminal today — also attracted the partners of Trading Solutions for Brokers. With straight-through processing technology of ECN and NDD orders, clients not only have access to institutional liquidity and high-speed data processing, but, most importantly, this protocol completely eliminates conflicts of interest.

Pascal Moore, co-founder and COO of TSB, commented on the collaboration with European and Asian brokers: “Our main objective was to create a secure and open solution for investing and discussing potentially profitable strategies. Additionally, we included a maximum number of instruments to diversify and facilitate the trading process. We thought through every detail and took each suggestion into account. And now that COPYDEAL has launched, we are sincerely pleased and grateful that our product is appreciated by the strongest and most reputable players in the industry.