Trading Solutions for Brokers launches social platform COPYDEAL

Trading Solutions for Brokers, an international software development firm providing solutions for retail brokers, has completed the development of social platform COPYDEAL.

According to TSB owners Caleb Baker and Pascal Moore, work on this project began as soon as the company was founded. Developers spent almost two years developing the service. During this time, the social platform underwent extensive testing. According to the creators, the product considerably surpasses all existing solutions on the market today. This fact not only distinguishes the new product among the competition, but also challenges the conventional views on trading, as developers have focused on the socialization of traders with the goal of reducing risks and increasing trade efficiency.

The COPYDEAL trading platform offers a number of advantages:

  • users can review profit and loss statistics in the profiles of signal providers
  • traders can discuss trades among each other
  • the platform is easy to use (copying trades in one click)

“The creation of CopyDeal is a result of the effort the whole team put into making a product that is truly useful and valuable to our clients. We spent 2 years effectively. During this time we not only developed all the necessary instruments, but executed a battery of performance tests. It is important to us that the entire structure works perfectly, so over the course of 8.5 months we received and analyzed the feedback and comments of focus groups,” said TSB CEO and CTO Caleb Baker at the Forex Awards Asia 2015.

The launch of the social network for traders, as its developers describe COPYDEAL, was favorably received by the financial community, which is indicative of future growth prospects of Trading Solutions for Brokers in the software industry. It was also revealed that the company is already engaged in talks with several leading brokerage firms.

We hope that this cutting-edge product will reach its full potential in the near future. Good luck to the TSB team as they implement future projects.