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Trading Solutions for Brokers celebrates third anniversary of social trading platform COPYDEAL

This week, Trading Solutions for Brokers, a major developer of financial market software, celebrated the third anniversary of the social trading platform COPYDEAL. “In three years, the trade copying service was ordered over 34 times by various international brokers who offered it to their traders, so the number of users by the end of 2017 […]

Total trade volume on COPYDEAL signals totals 12.4 billion USD in one year

In anticipation of the new year, we are publishing the total volume of copied trades on COPYDEAL for the current year. That number is a record 12.4 billion USD. Financial indicators reflect the aggregate trading volume of users of the social platform and include consolidated data from partner brokers of TSB. The number of profitable […]

Trading Solutions for Brokers announces partnerships with leading international brokers

According to the latest reports, Trading Solutions for Brokers, a rapidly growing financial software company, has signed contracts with several major multi-asset brokerage firms in Europe and Asia. The TSB press service stated that the key to a successful business lies not only in strengthening existing business relationships, but also expanding the list of counterparties. […]

Trading Solutions for Brokers launches social platform COPYDEAL

Trading Solutions for Brokers, an international software development firm providing solutions for retail brokers, has completed the development of social platform COPYDEAL. According to TSB owners Caleb Baker and Pascal Moore, work on this project began as soon as the company was founded. Developers spent almost two years developing the service. During this time, the […]

Interview with Caleb Baker on the outlook of social trading

Caleb Baker, founder of Trading Solutions for Brokers, answered the questions of our editor in detail about what exactly the social platform COPYDEAL is and why social trading in the future will bring the most profit. -In your opinion, what separates social trading from other investment products that brokers offer? -Let’s start with the fact […]

Trading Solutions for Brokers begins to create a social trading platform

February started with big news for the entire financial community: recently opened Trading Solutions for Brokers began to develop its own social trading platform. TSB founders Caleb Baker and Pascal Moore, long considered prominent figures of the financial market, will soon present to the world their technologically revolutionary and one-of-a-kind social network for traders. They […]