• February, 2013

    TSB is founded.

  • February, 2015

    The company has finished to develop COPYDEAL – social trading service.

  • March, 2015

    TSB announced it is about to become partners with some of the largest brokers.

A few years before starting their own company, Caleb Baker and Pascal Moore had formed a clear understanding that the future of investment instruments depends significantly on socialization. In founding Trading Solutions for Brokers, Caleb and Pascal aimed to develop convenient and profitable social trading instruments.

At the beginning of 2013, as soon as Trading Solutions for Brokers was founded, a team of 12 people began developing a social trading platform that took a total of 2 years to complete.

In February 2015, the TSB team completed the development of their platform and partnered with a number of large international brokers. COPYDEAL quickly became a popular solution for the market of B2B applications, fully satisfying the current needs of the industry and expanding trading opportunities for both experienced and beginner traders.

Due to the rapidly growing number of users of the platform, TSB management decided to expand the project team. By mid-2017, the team comprised over 50 professional staff.

Today, TSB is a fast-growing developer of innovative solutions in the field of investment instruments. In 2018 COPYDEAL celebrated its 3-year anniversary.

  • SEPTEMBER, 2016

    COPYDEAL now supports different copying modes.

  • JANUARY, 2017

    The team is expanded from 15 to 50 members.

  • FEBRUARY, 2018

    3-year anniversary of COPYDEAL. Monthly trading volumes hit the record of $120 bln.